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I grew up in Brooklyn, New York. I wasn’t born with a camera in my hands. In fact, it wasn’t until the age of 8 when I first held one. It was my father’s old instamatic. I used it to take the world’s greatest photo. Well, that’s what my parents let me to believe. They also had me wearing polka dots when I was a kid so their judgement could be slightly off. Not that it mattered because all I wanted to be growing up was an astronomer and Carl Sagan wasn’t a photographer.

It wasn’t until later when I took photography more seriously and discovered its potential. I realized that photography is a lot like astronomy in that they both require an explorer’s spirit.

I started my career in graphic design and computer science, but I’ve always been an explorer at heart. It is in that which has shaped my photography today. I don’t just create, I explore.